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Golfpass Corrençons en Vercors

Corrençon en Vercors Golf Course

Designed by Hugues Lambert
The Corrençon Golf Course, a delight for the eyes and the game


Corrençon en Vercors Golf course, 40mn from the hotel is one of the most beautiful mountain courses in Europe. It speads its fairways at a height of 1 100 meters in the heart of the Vercors Regional Park. This course is a great favorite in a spectacular setting..,

A member of the valued club of high altitude courses, it reveals its magnificent assets as you develop your swing beside the natural reserve of the « Hauts Plateaux ».

The nature of the 5300m profile, Par 71, thrusts the player into a dual state of meditation. Concentration and communion with nature are both needed to strike the ball perfectly along the right line on the fairway.

The relaxed player will enjoy the technical demands of a course winding through field and forest. Hole after hole, lovers of the little white ball are surrounded by intact but domestical nature. Both agricultural and mountainous, with its excellent greens, at each stage the Corrençon course tells a little bit more of the history of the Vercors plateau. In the approach to hole 5, the memory finds itself way back in mediaeval times when the « Battlefield » was witness to the folly of man and his sword.

The Corrençon Golf Course, a delight for the eyes and the game.

Open from May 1st to November 11th